Historical Heritage

Hotel Raphael, Hotel Regina and Hotel Majestic

This delightful hotel has always retained its private and intimate ambiance so dear to the Baverez Family

Historical Heritage

After opening Hotel Regina in 1900 and Hotel Majestic in 1907, founder Léonard Tauber continued his glittering career with the opening of Hotel Raphael in 1925, a hotel designed especially for a VIP clientele.

It was a hotel that offered a deliberately modest number of guest rooms in order to secure his guests that intimate and private ambiance which was so dear to Léonard Tauber.

This family group is now run by the granddaughter of Constant Baverez who was once a close associate of Léonard Tauber.

Madame Françoise Baverez perpetuates the tradition started by her grandfather and recently handed the general management of Hôtels Baverez on to her daughter, Véronique Valcke.

Nowadays, at Hotel Raphael, you might easily run into a statesman, a political leader, academics, film directors, actors, writers, journalists in the bar or in the majestic gallery.

Hotel Raphael remains the meeting place of choice for the elites of this world.

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