Véronique Crefcoeur, CEO of the Baverez Group and the driving force behind this new gourmet adventure, has teamed up with celebrated Michelin-starred chef Akrame to reimagine and sign off on the restaurant's menu.
the restaurant's menu. Renowned designer Cordélia de Castellane brought her vision of boudoir-chic style to create an exclusive, intimate setting.

By reinventing its culinary offering and sublimating its decor, Le Raphael reaffirms its position as a Parisian must. Whether for a gourmet family breakfast, a business lunch or dinner with friends, Le Boudoir offers a delicious, engaging and unforgettable culinary experience, where tradition and modernity meet in a unique emotional dimension.



As soon as you arrive, you'll be transported into a refined, authentic world, with a touch of cheekiness. From floor to ceiling, every detail has been designed to immerse you in a cosy, comfortable atmosphere. Wall hangings and colorful, flowery curtains create a warm, friendly atmosphere. A symbol of French luxury,

Le Boudoir is the ideal place to gather with family, lovers or friends and savor traditional French cuisine, rich in flavor and infinitely delicate.




When the fine weather arrives, from spring until the end of September, lunch and dinner are served on the terrace.
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Reservations :

Phone : +33 1 53 64 32 30

Email : restaurant@raphael-hotel.com


- Lunch from 12:00 to 14:30
- Dinner from 7pm to 10:30pm - last order at 10:15pm

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